Swimming pool

About Pool & Spa complex „Korali“

Pool & Spa complex „Korali“ has two groovy pools (for children and adults); a pool cave and a wet bar where you can enjoy a rich variety of exotic cocktails; a children's play court and a wonderful view of the Pancharevo lake. The complex is the perfect spor for staging promotional events, to celebrate your wedding, birthday or to plan your company's party.

Working hours

every day from 09:00 to 19:00 h.

Where are we?

Sofia, Pancharevo
3A Samokovsko shose Str
+359 885 68 53 54;

Water contents

Temperature of the spring: 49ºС
Alkalescence: pH 7.0
Anions mg
Fluorine F 0,26
Chlorine Cl 4,04
Bromine Br 0,01
Sulphate SO4 38,17
Hydrocarbonate HCO3 325,10
Cations mg
Sodium Na 17,23
Potassium K 17,23
Calcium Ca 56,51
Magnesium Mg 32,10
Iron Fe traces
Aluminum Al 0,37
Additional information
Amount of ions 473,79 mg
Silicic acid 33,55 mg
Metaarsenic acid 0,032 mg
Total mineralization 507,37 mg
Free carbon dioxide 50,70 mg
Radioactivity 6 EMAHA
Values per 1 litre of water

Events & Special offers


For a list of hosted events in Pool & Spa complex „Korali“, visit our Facebook page.

Special offers

For a quote on the special offers of Pool & Spa complex „Korali“, visit our Facebook page or contact us on +359 885 68 53 54.

Restaurant "Ezeroto"

About restaurant "Ezeroto"

Even if you haven't tried the pool yet, you must stop by at restaurant "Ezeroto".

Are you tired and hungry? Well, "Ezeroto" is the spot for a relaxing and fulfilling meal. Fresh and tasty dishes, steaming fish stew, pork knuckles and freshly caught fish, straight out of the fishing nets!

Our smiley and friendly staff will be happy to great you!

Working hours

every day from 12:00 to 24:00 h.


Spa center

Spa center "Korali"

"Korali" Spa center is the ideal place for your anti-stress therapies. The variety of procedures, available will help you not only feel refreshed and stress-free, but will also improve your natural beauty and stamina after a long day in the office.

Aromatherapy, hydromassage, hot tubs, sauna... That's just part of the delightful services, we can provide for you. For a price quote, or reservations, you can contact of on Facebook, or on +359 885 68 53 54.

Working hours

every day from 09:00 to 19:00 h.


Spa procedures

Име на събитието


Име на събитието

Hydro and aromatherapy

Име на събитието

Sauna, whirpool baths, turkish bath etc.

Име на събитието